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Furniture made to measure

Sistemi Componibili s.r.l. specializes in the manufacture of modular custom furnishings for both large and small environments, shops, coffee bars, restaurants, pastry shops, pizzerias, hairdresserís shops, museums, jewellerís shops, hotels, exhibitions, fairs, etc... .

Made furnishings for jewelers

Furniture from Sistemi Componibili s.r.l. ~ Interior furnishings of a jewelry.
Progetto realizzato in esclusiva da:

Thanks to the abilities developed after many years of experience in manufacturing and with the cooperation of designers, architects and interior designers, we realize modular furnishings for any kind of public or private edifice. Our projects, personalized and custom made as in the Sistemi Componibili’s tradition, are characterized by furnishings in various essences veneered splines.

The coating is realized with SIRCA and MILESI products (http://www.milesi.com), a company specialized in the production of high quality and reliability varnishes, which can create peculiar effects such as brilliant texturized effect, metallic effect, marble and hammered mother of pearl effect.
Wood coatings can also give the surfaces a drop effect and a drop metallic effect.

In the field of wood coatings the latest is a mono or two-component multicolor effect coating, so that by using these wood coatings one single coated product may have two or more colors depending on the angle from which we see it. The coating can be personalized in shades and brilliance with any color, also by sample.

The elements can be fitted out with sanded or satin multicolored glasses or with plex up to 3 cm thick.

The lightning is made with led, fluorescent or built-in lights with halogen light of the best blends.

Lighting for custom furniture - built-in spotlights

Built-in lights in forged aluminum, with high luminous efficiency LED complete with transparent lens. The luminous efficiency of this light, its elegant line and its minimum encumbrance, make it a perfect solution for any kind of environment.

Sistemi Componibili boasts a long experience in the making of personalized furnishings for large public and private structures such as:

Sistemi componibili s.r.l. - Zona Industriale, C.da Calderaro - Caltanissetta Tel. 0934575826 - info@sistemicomponibili.it - P. IVA 01419830854

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