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Modern kitchen

The modern kitchens Raimondi point to the essential aesthetic in favor of pure functionality, necessary for adaptation to the restricted environments of modern apartments.

The furniture for modern kitchens must be with the maximum optimization of the spaces; steel kitchens are able to adapt well to these demands, without losing its beauty and functionality.

The steel is also used for industrial kitchens and professional to ensure resistance to weather and wear forever.

Come and see our showroom, all modern modular kitchens and facts exposed seduced by our great offers.


Modern kitchens Raimondi
Modern furniture kitchen SILVIA
Choose a Raimondi Kitchen Silvia model today, it means relying on the clever design of our team.
Solid materials and fine finishes of our products
Modern kitchen furniture TREVISO
The reference to the territory and the city "joyous and loving" in Treviso named is present in the overall character of this kitchen design that offers comfortable and functional, within an aesthetic and elegant solution.
Furniture fitted kitchens FIRE
System Kitchen, Flame leaves the confines of the kitchen to stay open, recovering a material of memory: the walnut in sepia gray tone. By asymmetric frame and exclusive veneer "slatted", built by the alternation of dark and light tones, you draw a model of rare beauty.
Modern kitchen tailored SILK
Modern kitchen Silk
Silk, pure natural elegance. Clean and simple lines, complete in its modern features, its design evokes the serenity of inner east, where the field measurement and shivers down the pace of things and relations of life.
Modern modular Kitchen MARE
Modern kitchen Mare
Materia system continues and develops the content of the trendy classic style that characterizes the productive vocation GED Cucine: enhancing the quality of materials presenting them in their immediate authenticity, design assist in this vocation with a speech that gives life to the original form of refined simplicity .
Modern kitchen EDI' D1
Modern kitchen Edi 'D1
Young, beautiful, free. Edi D1 momentum was created to accompany the lives of young couples or to meet the needs of furnishing a second environment.
Its essential design and lining materials of good quality belong to the great tradition GeD and make it particularly timely.
Modern kitchen VELVET
Modern kitchen Velvet
Being together in a kitchen Velvet. A mixture of sensations, known and less known, substance and form of a dialogue between space and color among emotions to touch new surfaces and the rationality of housing an eclectic environment.
Design modern kitchen design FORM
Modern kitchen Form
Form represents the idea of an environment in which to live comfortably in the technology and classic design revisited in a contemporary.
Professional kitchens modern PERLA
Modern kitchen Perla
The cutting edge of the Sistemi Componibili modern collection, the kitchen Perla has a high aesthetic and functional value.
Modern furniture kitchen furniture LINEA
Modern kitchen Luna
The volume tries develop horizontally and a satin metal insert puts into evidence the line of drawers, enriched by elegant bridge-like handles.
Modern Furniture for Kitchen NATURASIA TRATTO
Modern kitchen Naturasia Tratto
Naturasia Tratto is the new suggestion of the kitchens G&D nature system, which cares for the appreciated kitchens Forma, Linea, Color. The kitchen Linea is the result of a project which conceives the kitchen as a natural landscape and a place of pleasant relationships. It is made in European cherry-wood and other fine materials – from glass to steel, from marble to the stones from the karst and Veneto quarries. For innovative design solutions this kitchen is also suggested in lacquer, polished and embossed versions.

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