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Pretend kitchen mansory

Raimondi proposed kitchen with innovative ways to adapt this type of kitchen furniture to modern homes.

Faux brick kitchens are made but not lose the charm and warmth of the materials used in kitchens in real masonry.

The materials used for kitchens and kitchens faux brick walls are wood, tile, porcelain tile, marble and red bricks that enhance the strength of the masonry and the aesthetic dimension.


Kitchens fake brick Raimondi
pretend kitchen wall Tosca
For some years now, our country is resurfacing the myth of the fitted kitchen, revenge of the tradition which lines and materials combine to create a special atmosphere. An ideal class, strength and elegance in the world of new furniture with innovative technology and a touch of simplicity that take us back over the years that make the built-in kitchen dream of all those who like to taste the flavors of the time and relive days after days, enjoying the heat of the magical moments of the family. The Tuscan model is also available in the modular version.

The built-in kitchen as you want, designed to fit your environment                        

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Kitchens faux brick ~ Various models

Arredamento cucina componibile finta muratura

built-in kitchen with ceramic tile realized that match very well the doors and the wooden drawers

Piani cottura in ceramica ed ampia vasca lavello con rubinetto che si abbina allo stile della cucina in muratura

ceramic hob and large tub sink with faucet that matches the style of the built-in kitchen

La cucina in muratura è abbinabile a materiali in legno e ceramica

The built-in kitchen is complimented by wood materials and ceramic

Tipico esempio di una cucina realizzata interamente in muratura

Typical example of a kitchen made entirely of masonry

La cucina in muratura è realizzata su misura e si adatta a tutti gli ambienti

The built-in kitchen is tailor-made and suitable for all environments

Le cucine in finta muratura è abbinata ad ante e cassetti scorrevoli realizzati in legno

The built-in kitchen makes harmonious environment ... for those who love rustic furniture!

Cucina in muratura realizzata con materiali in ceramica e legno noce

Kitchen masonry made of ceramic materials and walnut

La cucina in muratura è realizzata con materiali pregiati ed originali

The built-in kitchen is made with fine materials and original

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