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Kitchen accessories

Sistemi Componibili s.r.l. has established a cooperation with the best manufacturers of components for modular kitchen.

For this reason it is possible to demand that your kitchen, whether classic, modern or in imitation masonry, is supplied with top brand ovens, fridges, cooking tops and sinks of all types: filo-top, under-top or built-in.



Kitchen Furniture
Ovens classic kitchen furniture, modern and faux brick Modular furniture kitchens with recessed sinks
Ovens Built-in sinks
Production kitchens with sinks below-top Modern kitchens with stove-top wire
Under-top sinks Filo-top cooking tops

In the Sistemi Componibili s.r.l. Show-Room a demo technical room is available, where customers can finally test the working and the aesthetic result of each component. The technicians can choose among several types of hinges, knobs, handles, racks, etc... .

Modular kitchens with system which blocks the filtering of water

Production classic kitchens with drip system

All kitchens, both classical and modern, can be provided with the innovative anti-seep in system which blocks the filtering of water inside the most delicate parts of the structure, thus preserving the kitchen during the daily use and ensuring a higher protection and durability of the elements.

Extractible trays and racks for modular kitchens

kitchen furniture accessories
Extractible racks on low shelf Extractible column racks
Extractible racks on low shelf Extractible column racks
Fully ektractible column racks Extractible column drawers
Fully extractible column racks Extractible column drawers


Components for kitchens ~ Installation of refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, Kappa, washing machines, dishwashers

Manufacturers kitchens
Kitchens appliances accessories ARISTON Kitchens appliances accessories  BARAZZA
Kitchens appliances accessories  CANDY Kitchens appliances accessories  FOSTER
Kitchens appliances accessories FRANKE Kitchens appliances accessories  FRATELLI ONOFRI
Kitchens appliances accessories  ILVE Kitchens appliances accessories LACANCHE
Kitchens appliances accessories NARDI Kitchens appliances accessories REX ELECTROLUX
Kitchens appliances accessories SMEG

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