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Production and sales components for kitchens in Sicily ~ Installation of refrigerators, ovens, kitchen floors, kappe, washing machines, dishwashers kitchens ~ Sale Caltanissetta (CL) - Sales cucine San Cataldo (CL)

Installation refrigerators in kitchens tailored installing ovens in kitchens tailored Installing cooktops steel kitchens tailored Kappe fitting tie-in Kitchen Furniture Install washing machines in kitchens tailored install dishwasher in kitchen furniture made to measure

Below are listed the main producers of household appliances which provide food to furniture made, sophisticated functionality and high performance, which the system uses modular integrating these elements into their kitchens to be produced and sold:

Sistemi componibili s.r.l. - Zona Industriale, C.da Calderaro - Caltanissetta Tel. 0934575826 - info@sistemicomponibili.it - P. IVA 01419830854

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